Technical Job Profiles – Medium Level

Who we are and what we are after:
The embedded technology state of the art for mission critical applications in Defense & Aerospace, is our DNA; the development of dual use unmanned platforms able to host artificial intelligence algorithms, and the provision for an electrical vehicle recharge ecosystem based on a sustainable approach, are our challenges.

Our group values collaboration and team spirit, the willingness to bring tomorrow to today. We are looking for dreamers, (poets, musicians, artists,) personalities out of schemes… philosophers visionaries with strong technical skills, all round players in the different fields we are dealing with.

If it’s true that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, the real question is: are you a wizard?

The profiles we are looking for:

Embedded Software Engineer

• 3 years or equivalent

Language skills:
• English

Technical skills:
• Application development in C for embedded systems
• Knowledge of Linux operating system
• Knowledge of microcontrollers (PIC32, Raspberry …)
• Bash Shell

Complete the profile:
• FPGA programming
• Knowledge of C++, Java, Python
• VisualStudio and/or Eclipse IDE
• Device Drivers (Linux) programming
• Basic knowledge of Deep Learning
• Knowledge of ROS
• openCL and/or CUDA programming